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Hello. I have finally got around to getting this website up, and putting something remotely useful and/or interesting on it. Have a look at the photos from sheep music.

I am midway through my third year of physics at the University of Manchester, only 1.5 more years to go. I quite like playing around with computers, listening to music, reading Feynman, taking photos, reading newscientist, listening to the radio, eating nice food, visiting places, talking, commas, semi-colons; and other stuff to.

The basic idea is that I put some stuff on the web, because people say "do you have a website" and I didn't really have anything worth looking at. But now people can look at it. Also the place my domain name was registered at only gave me a 2mb mailbox, and there are good webhosting/mailbox deals. So hopefully this will be of interest to someone, but if not nobody looses anything. I practised my xhtml while on a train from Manchester to Bath, and bought some inbox space, and you spent a few minutes looking at it. If you feel that you wasted those minutes, then don't worry. They are just stored on my webserver, and if you email me I'll get them back to you.

If you want to contact me, then email is good. Try sam at tygier dot co dot uk.