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I have two computers, this may sound greedy and ecohostile, so I'll try to explain my self. The first is an Apple Powerbook, the second is a self built (well assembled) Via Epia MII. They are both on 60 watt power supplies, so they probably combined use less than 100 watts most of the time, so hopefully I am not destroying the world too much. I'd like to run them on solar power or something, but a North facing window in Manchester barely keeps my solar radio charged up. Greedy? um, maybe, but my old computer (an iMac DV, from back when iMacs looked like iMacs) has been lent to a penniless comedy writer who is trying to get the attention of the bbc/world. And I let my housemates use my Powerbook for internet.

Both these computers run Ubuntu Linux at the moment. So this page is meant to be a small resouce for people who want to try Linux on similar set-ups. I also try to be active and useful over at the Ubuntu Forums, and on irc. I have writen and added to a few wiki pages.

My first ever real open source contribution was a few patches to lybniz, a python graph plotter. I am now the main maintaner of Lybniz. I have also writen patches for the game TASpring to make it compile on PowerPC Linux, and an instrument search for Jokosher.

Some things I have writen

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