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When I was little, I was given a fairly useless little 110 camera to take on holiday. Partly due to the parallax on the viewfinder I mostly took pictures of peoples legs. I was then moved onto a 35mm compact, and took some slightly better pictures. At some point in my early teens my Dad gave me a real camera, an Olympus OM-2 with a 50mm lens. I gradually learned how to take real pictures.

Then last year I decided that as it was the 21st Century, and that I was a computery person, and that even most toothbrushes come with built in cameras these days, then I ought to get a digital camera. I quite liked SLRs and the Canon EOS 300D was just out, so I got myself one of them. Since then I think I have taken more photos and learned more about photography, than I had in all my years with film. It is very handy being able to see the effects of aperture and exposure length straight away. One can argue about quality of digital, whether its real photography or not, but I just think its all rather handy, the pictures look good, and when Jessops print them out I can't tell them apart from film.

Anyway I though I should put a few photos on the web. I'll add a few at a time. Starting with static (i.e. easy html) pages, and then maybe sort out some php or perl or something, so that I can be lazy not have to write code for each picture.

I use a bunch of custom written scripts to manage my photos. I shoot in RAW mode, so the photos need to be processed be for they can be looked at. The script also organises the files in to folders and make lower resolution versions for quicker browsing. Its got some basic functions to help me back stuff up. The scripts started out in bash, but now they are written in python. I aim to clean up the source a bit, add a some more functionality and make it all available as open source. If you are particularly interested in seeing my work in progress let me know.


Sheep Music 2005
Manchester Riots 2011


As DSLRs do good video now, I have been involved in some film projects:

Decay: A zombie film set at the LHC