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Um, yes physics. I've liked science since the beginning of time (was there a beginning of time?). Then I realised that physics was the bit I really liked. I had great fun at A-level, building Geiger counters, and trying to measure the speed of light (I showed that it went faster than about 10,000 m/s). Now I am studying it at Manchester Uni for four years.

Manchester is pretty good. I got a chance to measure the speed of light a bit more accurately, 2.7 x 108 m/s, and I am hoping this will become the accepted value. I wrote an essay on diffractive optics, which they liked and gave me a prize for. Hopefully I'll be able to go into research when I finish my masters. And one day I'll be a doctor or a prof, or maybe a lab demonstrator.

If you are interested in finding out about physics, I have to strongly recommend reading some Richard Feynman books. He was a fine physicist, and did lots of quantum stuff, but also he has great ways of explaining things. He taught an undergrad (or whatever they call it in the states) course, and the lectures were transcribed. They can be bought in three big red volumes, if you are actually studying physics, but if you are just a bit curious about it, then they have cropped and lightened into several pop sci books. I recommend that you start with 6 Easy Pieces, its a good introduction into what physics is all about.

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